$50,000 Lunar Airdrop Giveaway.

According to Coinmarketcap Airdrops list lunar is giving away $50,000 in LNR to 5,000 winners.

What is Lunar?

Lunar (LNR) is a Binance Smart Chain token that serves as the connective tissue for the entire Lunar Ecosystem. It provides massive utility in the Lunar platform and allows to support seamless cross-chain trading. It also distributes passive reflections to holders.

Lunar’s goal is to consolidate the entire crypto and NFT trading process into a single, interconnected platform with a unified user experience. In addition, Lunar removes the blockchain barrier, allowing you to trade almost any token or NFT across multiple blockchains with a single click.

Lunar crystals are a collection of NFTs that unlock special powers for users when plugged into the Lunar ecosystem. They also generate passive LNR token reflections for holders. There are 8 different crystal types of varying rarities, each with their own unique powers and LNR reflection amounts.

How to Join Lunar Airdrop?

Join Lunar Telegram community: https://t.me/lnrdefi

Fill out the Lunar Airdrop form and leave your BSC address. The form will be available on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lunar once the event starts.

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